What is it?

Search engine optimisation is a process of improving your web page listing on search engines. All work in this regard used to be carried out using industry standard techniques on the code in your site.

It was a technical thing, but now it’s much more.

Since the Panda update by Google, which is ongoing, SEO now includes all the traditional elements of clean code, well structured pages and unique content, but now also includes:

  • Good design. That’s right good design.
  • Interesting content. Not just unique content.
  • Page Speed.
  • Bounce rate. If everyone visits only one page on your site you get 100% bounce rate. Ideally it should be less than 50% which means half of your visitors visit at least two pages on your site.
  • Return visitors.
  • Time on site.

There are no tricks! And I will know very quickly if I can help you by taking a look at your site.

A summary of what factors affect SEO

  1. Code structure
  2. Link formats
  3. Page titles
  4. Unique and interesting content
  5. Good design
  6. Mobile compatibility
  7. Page speed
  8. robots.txt
  9. Keywords
  10. URL formats and many more …

External factors affecting your listing

  • How long your site has been live
  • Google ranking

Improving your Google ranking is not as important as SEO and relies on relating external highly ranked pages linking to yours. Find out more on my FAQ’s