Mitchell + Associates

Mitchell + Associates is a multidisciplinary design practice incorporating Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Arboriculture and Environmental Impact Assessment at its core. Their designers are drawn from a range of backgrounds and professional experience which allows our clients to create development solutions that function to the highest design and aesthetic standards.

The practice was founded in 1988 and over the last 25 years has established itself as a leading design practice in Ireland.

Our Role

This website is quite old now. We designed and developed this from scratch using a proprietary CMS that we designed ourselves.

We went through several iterations and programmed some quite complex JavaScript for the projects page to allow for project category selection. It would be a lot easier to program today with HTML5 and CSS3.

The final result was, at the time, leading-edge, so much so that we actually found another designer literally copied the entire site and just changed the logo for one of their clients! A compliment, in a roundabout way, we like to think.


JavaScript programming of category interaction on projects page.

UX / UI Design

``User eXperience``, and ``User Interface`` design, from desktop to smart phone.


Test web site for display on various browsers and screen resolutions.