IonOptix Corporation was formed in 1990 by Dr. Douglas Tillotson, with the goal of developing, manufacturing and selling complete systems for quantifying cellular ion levels using fluorescence indicators.

In 2008 IonOptix Corporation, with Red Box Direct Ltd., formed IonOptix LLC in the US and IonOptix Limited in Europe as part of an expansion plan to grow our business and provide better local support to our customers.


I had designed and developed the original IonOptix website on a CMS that I wrote myself because there were no suitable alternatives. So this time around I used WordPress which actually produced a few challenges because it did not have the same relationships between categories that IonOptix needed.

I found a way around the problem that worked and created custom scripts to import all the data from the old site into the new one. It was my toughest technical job of the year, but it ended up in a much more useful, modern, mobile friendly website which will last for years to come.


Tapped into a WordPress plugin in order to create the cross-relationships IonOptix needed between their products and systems.

UX / UI Design

``User eXperience``, and ``User Interface`` design, from desktop to smart phone.


Test web site for responsive layout from mobile to desktop and everything in between.