I am an Artist

I Am An Artist is a visual arts initiative aimed at supporting primary teachers and pupils in the adoption and delivery of the visual arts curriculum in Ireland. By comprising 30 short TV programmes (each 6 minutes in length), an interactive website with slideshows, lessons, weblinks and interactive games, it provides a stimulating collection of curriculum-mapped resources for empowering and supporting the teacher and pupil.

In addition to curriculum-mapped resources there is a bank of project ideas relating to everyday objects, water and walls and a collection of planning documents.


The previous website was Flash based and we were handed a CD with the compressed website on it. The rest was up to us! So what I did was to de-compile the Flash movies using special software, extract all the vector graphics, and then re-create the website graphics in PNG format or similar. I also came up with a format that stood true to the original character of the web site.

UX / UI Design

``User eXperience``, and ``User Interface`` design, from desktop to smart phone.


Sprite animation using jQuery. The previous website had elements using Flash which is no longer supported by most devices so I came up with a suitable alternative.


Test web site for responsive layout from mobile to desktop and everything in between.