Garden Finder

Garden Finder is a free resource that maps out all the gardens to visit in Ireland. The site provides a handy mobile optimised version for ease of phoning the garden or mapping a route.

Our Role

The Garden Finder site was a small project, and because of that, everything had to be perfect. It was a MVP (Mininum Viable Product). We wanted to get the mapping as clean and efficient as possible, and make all calls to action very clear.

It is a resource which users were only likely to spend seconds visiting to get a telephone number or directions, and as such, could not be cluttered and had to be fast downloading. We achieved this by minifying JavaScript, CSS and HTML, by adding a CDN, and by making sure all images were well optimised. It is a work-in-progress site so now that the site is live the next stage is continual monitoring and UX testing to improve it and implement feedback.

UX / UI Design

``User eXperience``, and ``User Interface`` design, from desktop to smart phone.


Test web site for responsive layout from mobile to desktop and everything in between.


It was very important for Garden Finder to appear high up in search results for the keywords ``Gardens to Visit``.