Digital Dimensions

Digital Dimensions was established in 2000 by John Healy and Jim Manning. They are one of Ireland’s leading architectural visualisation companies with 20+ years of experience covering a wide range of solutions in the areas of architectural visualisation, environmental design and digital media.

My Role

Digital Dimensions originally had a Flash website that I created many years ago.  It had no CMS, but looked Flashy (no pun intended), and was actually still quite modern looking. However, as with all Flash websites, the site did not show on mobiles and had a lot of dated qualities.

The redesign was done from scratch and all content created again. I used a simple theme, but tailored it according to some visuals I created and agreed with Digital Dimensions. They required the option to have video of various formats due to their business of visualisation, and this was achieved through the theme, and occasionally the HTML 5 video format.

UX Design

``User eXperience`` design, from desktop to smart phone.


Test web site for responsive layout from mobile to desktop and everything in between.


Assiting with conversion of regular video files to HTML5 video formats.