Blue Tree Systems

Blue Tree Systems have created technologies that improve compliance, reduce fuel costs, enhance road safety and protect cargo. They are a telematics solution for larger truck fleets.

My Role

I was approached by Blue Tree Systems to help them design, develop and test their website using WordPress.

They needed the site in four languages and required many templates for pages such as the blog, team, solutions and whitepapers, to name but a few.

It was a large project with varied functionality such as a mega menu, video and mobile responsiveness, and it required that I worked closely with Blue Tree Systems in order to deliver the project. It was not without it’s complications, but we overcame the obstacles to deliver the website to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

UX Design

``User eXperience`` design, from desktop to smart phone.


Test web site for responsive layout from mobile to desktop and everything in between.


Tailoring a WordPress theme to work with WPML plugin.