Aloura Pines

Aloura Pines is an audio adventure designed by Paul Finan exclusively for dedicated listening in the dark with headphones or surround sound.

My Role

Paul Finan approached me for an unusual project (unusual for me anyway – but interesting) that involved episodes of project he was putting together called Aloura Pines.

As a sound engineer, and highly visual person, the attention to detail was essential. On first appearances the site looks simple but getting there had a few bumps along the way. Originally the sound episodes were played using the YouTube API and just extracting the audio part of the video. However this was very unreliable on mobile devices because of the native settings on mobile browsers.The alternative was to link directly to a sound file, but that involved a heavy download and would not buffer or stream. So we settled with SoundCloud which worked out well.

A second issue was playing video strips and using them as the site navigation. I had a clear idea of how they would work. It was more difficult that I thought because scaling video to fill a space does not work like a bitmap, but the effect worked out really well.

Finally, the font itself was an unusual font that required extra tweaking using anti-aliasing and subtle shadowing.

Needless to say I learnt heaps.


Connecting to SoundCloud API to play sound episodes.

UX / UI Design

``User eXperience``, and ``User Interface`` design, from desktop to smart phone.


Test web site for responsive layout from mobile to desktop and everything in between.