A content management system is used to maintain the navigation, images, documents and text on your website. Therefore you do not need to contact your web designer every time you need an update. I only create web sites maintained by a CMS.

When are they used?

  1. When you design a site for the first time
  2. When you re-design a site
  3. If want an existing site maintained by a CMS (you would be better off re-designing a site if this is the case because the whole site has to be re-programmed anyway)

I use WordPress open-source content management system which has no license fee.

  • WordPress (excellent for most small to medium sized web sites, blogging, personal sites and community sites)

However I do provide an ongoing service to maintain and backup the website after it is designed and live to ensure you never have to worry about losing your web site or having it hacked. I have 2 levels to this service: