Bad posture

The importance of posture

Having sat in front of a computer for almost half of my life I thought it would be good to point out the importance of sitting correctly.

Many organisations, including schools and colleges, make little or no effort to make sure their employees are sitting correctly. I’ve seen relatives and friends degenerate in front of me from healthy individuals to people who feel severe pain just using a keyboard, all because of bad posture.

If you are in any pain while working then stop and get your work area fixed before you lift another finger!

Ireland is a terrible place for not complaining, and it’s likely that you will be picking up the doctor’s or physiotherapist’s bill when it comes to getting your body fixed. Sometimes all that is required is a day being studied by an ergonomic professional. Getting the right chair, desk and keyboard can mean nothing unless they are set up correctly.

A friend of mine from college worked in the United States at a computer and suffered chronic pain in both her arms which slowly got worse over a number of months. She went to the doctor and was told she would have to give up her career. Quite a shock to be told something like that, and she even had to start wearing braces on her arms. When she told her boss the bad news they got an ergonomic specialist in for a day to study her and set up her work station correctly.  The very next day she started to feel less pain and it was gone within a week.

Don’t think that it is an age related thing either. My niece gets pain in her arms because she was not shown how to sit correctly at her laptop by her school and she’s only 18! My brother-in-law now suffers chronic back pain from bad posture while playing games too much on the computer. And the list goes on and on ….

So before you start work today please make sure you are comfortable, and if you’re not, do something about it or it could become a permanent problem.