Google web fonts. Benefits and draw backs.

Google web fonts

08 Jun Google web fonts. Benefits and draw backs.

If you have been designing web sites for as long as I have you will be delighted to have the Google web fonts resource. Having 100’s of extra fonts can bring new life and flexibility to designing a web site. We are no longer shackled to Arial, Verdana and Times etc.


The interface is very simple. <link href=’’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

It is a free resource that offers over 500 open source fonts that can be directly embedded into your web site.

Click this link to visit the Google fonts site.

Draw backs

[info]Beware. Google may remove a font without notice so always have fall back system fonts. e.g. font-family: ‘Emblema One’, Arial, Verdana;[/info]

Loading Time

Google web font loading timeAs with all elements of a web site, every time you add an external resource beware of the loading time. Google is good enough to tell you the extra loading time it will add to your page download and some fonts are slower than others so choose wisely.

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